July 19, 2020

Driving On The Limit - What Racecar Drivers Need To Know

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Driving On The Limit

You find yourself on track loving every second of it, but while you’re on track you aren’t near the limit of the car. Quite honestly, you’re nervous to find it. So how do you, smartly, find the limit and get comfortable at it? How do those pro drivers spend hours at a time at the very edge of the limit of grip? We explain how the pros go about it, and how you can too!

We often hear “I don’t feel confident in the car to attack” but we believe the issue is more, “I don’t have confidence in myself to control the car on the limit.”  We want to help you find safe ways to get more comfortable driving on the limit of your car on track.

The best ways to do this is a combination of skid pads and finding appropriate corners that you can make mistakes without high consequence.  Skid pads are fantastic because it teaches drivers car control, but one key distinction we need to make is that we don’t want to be sliding the car on track.  It does however, give us the confidence that once we go over the limit and the car slides we can save the car.

On track we want to find corners with lots of run off, and decide to “play” with finding the limit of the car there.  Once we go over the limit and have the car slide, we back it back down a bit.  A key point here is that we SLOWLY build up to the limit.  As we get confident consistently driving at the limit in these corners we can start to get confident to approach these limits in all other corners.

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